Queesch FM #2 on Migration

The second Queesch FM show will finally be broadcasted!

Our main topic this time will be migration, the detention centre which is going to be opened in Luxembourg, the recent “French Fries Revolution” in Belgium.
All this will be underlined by amazing music, all more or less related to the topic of migration and a news trip with “Queesch around the World”.

Hope you listen again, either on Radio Ara (103.3 & 105.2 MHz) or online via Radio ARA Livestream


First Queesch FM Show @ Graffiti on Radio ARA

Queesch is not only a magazine and  a homepage – From the 1st of February on Queesch FM is going on air

As the new Queesch is about Feminism, the main topic of our first emission will be the same one. We try to give different views of people concerning the equality of women and men and provide some information about the Women’s Liberation Movement in Luxembourg from its beginning to its institutionalisation nowadays.
In addition, the new Center for Ecological Learning Luxembourg (CELL) will be presented, accompanied by some Queesch News around the World and the Queesch’s Story itself and of course music – with only female voices for your ears.

So join us on Tuesday, the 1st of February at 2pm on  Graffiti/ Radio ARA (103.3 & 105,2 FM or as  Live Stream )

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